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The Legend Of The Saints - Chapter 1

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are purely coincidence.

This work (as regards to the tittle) has nothing whatsoever
in connection with the Biblical/religious SAINTS, hence has no relation to the Christian faith.

Chapter 1

THE clouds rumbled incessantly, as the lightening sent bright
flashes and the thunderclaps threatened the old family
house. Allen has just put off their supper plates and shut
down the window panes while outside the rain drizzled on
with its troop of thunder , lightening and harsh wind.

Grandpa feeling gay after the delicious supper squatted
easily on the floorboard beside the fire that was blazing on
furiously wedding off the stubborn cold that invaded the

The Legend Of The Saints - Chapter 7 (Final Chapter)

Chapter 7 - Final

"Hullo! Its the Major speaking, yea, our man has headed
towards the RainStation, dispatch your men there now and
get the jerk down, before he does more harm, we've already
lost so many lives 'cos of him"


Allen struggled with thorns and thickets as he wangled his
way towards the Rain Station through the tunnel. As cloudy
as his brain had been before, he was now calm and his brain
was normal, whats more!
 His eyes were normal too!
 All 'redness' gone! He came to discover this when he bent to
wash his face in a little stream he had stumbled upon. Allen
was now his normal old self, he was now Philips Allen,
Aragon Allen was now a thing of the past!

Allen found his underground route tough and hard, but if he
must be safe, he must make it to the station were Athen
would have been waiting for him with the car. He thought of
the many troubles ahead of him,
 _"... but once I get out of this mess, I'd leave …

The Legend Of The Saints - Chapter 6

Chapter 6

The duo settled somewhere at the Lankers Bay's valley and
ate savagely at the hearts of the unlucky couple. They were
no more a once happy innocent students, they were now
vampires of Kamburry and everywhere in the City , the police
searched for them - While Aragon sat on his ghoul's throne a
happy ghoul!

Philips Archeles never knew the return of Aragon could be so
drastic , now he had to live at home with a vampire as a

Athen had long left home for study at the Orleans
College. He heard frequently about the two vampires that
terrorized his town, but he never had the slightest
knowledge that they were his siblings.

It was dark already .
The wind today was so cold and snow
covered the whole of Kamburry . Workmen , weak from the
day's labour went home very weak and walked sullenly.

Hannah had had a cup of coffee and she sat down on the
couch waiting for Kimball. Her heart beat faster as the night
approached . Kimball to her had been behaving strangely.

The Legend Of The Saints - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Doctor Stormsan emerged from the emergency ward and
waved Philips Archeles to his office. Once seated Dr.
Stormsan began to speak,

"Sir your son's case is bad, we did
our best , the fever is down now, but the eyes are turning
bloody red, we've checked and crosschecked our patient
but we couldn't find the cure for his eyes."

"What about the excruciating pains and the splitting head?"
Asked a worried Grandpa.

"The pains I think must have subsided but the more his fever
and pains subsides, the more his eyes seems to turn more
reddish in colour."

A short quiet silence followed, Philips Archeles thought
about this new problem at hand,
_"what might be the cause of this sickness?",_
He wondered.
Breaking his thoughts, the
doctor spoke,

"We might be discharging him tomorrow , if he
is okay by then, but for his eyes I'm sorry sir, we're not sure
if we can do anything about them."

"Okay doctor, thanks."


The Legend Of The Saints - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

"You deal with your mind, with your feeling, you focus on the
burning light, you become dead to your physical environment
, you become alive to the spirit world, focus on the flame..."

Allen was totally submerged in Stephen Shaw's psychic
lectures. With focused attention he gazed at the candle in
front of him and did as was instructed by Stephen. He could
really something in him, it was coming, coming, and oops ,
spoilt, as a familiar voice whispered in his ears, it was
Kimball , saying they should go home, she was feeling
uncomfortable and scared.

 With a sullen face, Allen stood up
from the mat were he sat, durst his buttocks free and
sauntered off the room while furious and angry faces stared
at them for disturbing their own meditation . Kimball made a
wave of apology at the crew and an angry Stephen then held
Allen's hand as they made for the door.

"Oh, gush, i was almost scared to the death , back in there.
We are really practicing witchcraft , d…

The Legend Of The Saints - Chapter 3

Chapter 3

WATCHING the Goofers play Cricket was as interesting and
funny as watching a comedy movie.

The young club of St. Masin who called themselves The
Goofers were not very good at the game. They were
amateurs. The school had before employed a Cricket
specialist to train them, but that was before a fight burst out
and one of the employees' head was broken to the skull.

Now the school lost all its interest in teaching the students
the game of Crickets.a. So they played randomly drawing
amusements from spectators and passers-by. Allen as he
sat at his usual place with Kimball and Sammy, his good
friend, watched with less amusement and enthusiasm.

 As he
watched all he could see on the playfield were names
Jordan, Regan, Philips, Aragon ......ah!...he thought to himself
would the names ever end.

He wanted the school over as soon as possible to get the
full story out with! Once and for all!

There will be no postponing again, he told himself firmly.

"You are lost again, must …

The Legend Of The Saints - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Neil Kimball stepped into the lecture hall just as hissed and
remarks circulated the room. She wasn't bothered, head held
high with calculated steps, she secured a seat near Allen
and after a brief casual greeting, was seated, listening
attentively to Mrs Armstrong, the Java lesson teacher for St.
Main Charity School , Kambury.

The school was donated to the Kamburian citizens by the
philanthropist Jean Keg, a native of Kambury who owned
several charity organization in town and out of town.

Kambury could now boast of modern technology-based
school, were literally almost all subjects and technical
courses were taught.

At Mrs Armstrong's last lecture the previous day, she had
designed a webpage using javascripts, which she did as an
example for the students, she had then told them to do
their's in the school computer room and submit it via online
online service to her office mail immediately after lunch.
When she got to class later in the day, during the evening

Is There A Hidden Meaning Behind Hillsong's 2018 Album Art (There Is More)? - FIND OUT

The Australian Mega church, Hilsong Church is a very popular church across the country and the world. Their worship team, Hilsong Worship is very popular among young people. Throughout the times, Hilsong Worship has grown to become a huge multimillion band, and their songs are sung all across the continent.

No doubts, their songs are very powerful and the inspirations are lively. However, Hilsong Church and the worship team has faced severe controversies all over the internet. Some argue the church is diabolic and has a connection to the worship of Satan. Others hold the view that the songs are directly inspired by the devil. But nonetheless, Hilsong Worship is still one of the finest worship team in the world, and their songs transform and bless lives the world over.

In this article however, I want to reveal the meaning of the Album art of There Is More, Hillsong's 26th album, that was released this year.

Due to the controversies surrounding Hilsong, enough eyebrows have been …