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Is There A Hidden Meaning Behind Hillsong's 2018 Album Art (There Is More)? - FIND OUT

The Australian Mega church, Hilsong Church is a very popular church across the country and the world. Their worship team, Hilsong Worship is very popular among young people. Throughout the times, Hilsong Worship has grown to become a huge multimillion band, and their songs are sung all across the continent.

No doubts, their songs are very powerful and the inspirations are lively. However, Hilsong Church and the worship team has faced severe controversies all over the internet. Some argue the church is diabolic and has a connection to the worship of Satan. Others hold the view that the songs are directly inspired by the devil. But nonetheless, Hilsong Worship is still one of the finest worship team in the world, and their songs transform and bless lives the world over.

In this article however, I want to reveal the meaning of the Album art of There Is More, Hillsong's 26th album, that was released this year.

Due to the controversies surrounding Hilsong, enough eyebrows have been …
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HOT Sales: Cheap And Affordable Phones For Sale

Below is a list of very cheap phones for sale.
I'm doing a quick HOT SALE promo in order to boost my soon coming HOTSales blog.


The phones currently available for sale right now are:

1. Blackberry Classic
This phone is fairly used. Has no fault and very clean.
Prize: N20, 000 (Negotiable)

2. Infinix HOT Note
This is another fairly used phone, without any fault.
Prize: N20, 000

To get any of these phones, plus their pictures, please call, or send me a message on Whatsapp on:

Thanks. Awaiting your calls. You can also, comment below, and I'll reply...

How to change to your desired font on Tecno wx3p

The other time I did something on "How to locate your whatsapp statuses on your phone's file manager" and a friend drew my attention to an app that automatically reads from this file and shows your status files on launching the app, I think it was called "Status Saver". So you can install the app and save yourself the seeming stress of locating it from the file manager, though I don't see that as a stress actually.

Today I've come up with something pretty new.
Yea, late last year I bought this phone Tecno wx3p, and though it has issues with storage, SD card Ejecting and stuffs, I've just found a way to walk around those faults as we wait for Tecno to release a new update to fix them.

I also discovered that on this phone's setting there's no feature as changing font to style your phone.

Now we are going to talk about this today.
You can actually change your fonts on tecno wx3 pro as long as you are using the default hiOs launcher.

To do th…

How To Access viewed statuses on whatsapp from your file manager

Hey! Have you read my last post? You should check it out, trust me.

Well today, I have something special for you.
A certain time a friend said to me:

"Pls send me that video on your status...

Well, I did but not untill after I told him how he could get his friends on whatsapp statuses without having to ask them for it.

So I'm gonna share that simple trick right here!

Let's go.
Step 1:
Open your Whatsapp and view the pictures or videos on your friends statuses if they put any.

Step 2:
Close your whatsapp and go to your file manager in your phone.
Locate the folder with the name WhatsApp.

Step 3:
Open the whatsapp folder and click on "Media"

Step 4:
Set your hidden files to "Show Hidden files" depending on the type of phone you use and what it's called (if you have trouble setting this feature, please indicate after reading this post)

Step 4:
After setting the feature you should be able to see a folder with the name .Statuses, click open and …

Koinonia Eternity Network International (ENI), Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak messages download (2012 - 2017)


"In all your getting, get wisdom,
Wisdom is the principal thing,
Through wisdom a house is built,
And by understanding, it is established.
Join Apostle Joshua Selman of Eternity Network International, as he takes you on a journey into the wisdom of God's Word

_It's intimacy_
_It's partnership_
_It's fellowship_

God has been using His servant Apostle Joshua Selman to bless our lives in different dimensions.

Here are the links to download all Koinonia messages.

2017 messages

2016 Messages

2015 Messages

2014 messages

2013 messages

2012 messages…


The Minister of Education, Mallam Adamu Adamu hereby invites applications from qualified Nigerian students in Nigerian public tertiary institutions to participate in the 2017/2018 selection interviews for scholarship awards tenable in Nigerian tertiary institutions.

Application forms are available online at and can be completed and printed by prospective candidates for endorsement by their HOD and Registrars of their institutions.



All applicants must be full-time students in their second year of study and above in Federal or State Universities, they must have a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 4.0 on a 5.0 point scale or its equivalent in the previous academic year’s examinations.

All applicants must be full-time students in their second year of study in any of the Federal or State Polytechnics or Monotechnics, they must have a minimum Cumulative Grade Point…

Caution! Step by step guidelines on how to apply for Delta state Bursary 2017/2018

Did you apply for the Delta state Bursary for last year?
Were you paid?

Well I was paid.

I've heard students complain on how they applied and weren't paid. Perhaps there was a little error in handling of their application, that is why I made this post to teach you how to rightly apply step by step and get paid.

Please note this:
If you applied before, you don't need to create a new profile, just update your already existing profile!!

For help on how to update your existing profile or you might have forgotten your password, drop your issues in the comments section or whatsapp/call me on 07031998091.

I hope that was clear enough.

For new applicants,follow the simple steps below.

Step one.
With your phone and a good network signal, open your browser and type www.http//
That is the site to register for your Bursary.
Note. You don't need to go to any cyber café, except if you are not smart technologically.

Step two.
Click Apply Here button on the si…